Rye Catcher Awesome UMPC

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The Rye Catcher is a 2 pound UMPC with WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA, and/or GSM, outdoor screen, Digital Voice Recorder, Dual VGA Carmeras, Real-time video at 30 frames per second, Video conferencing, 4 hours on a single battery (8 hours with 2) , GPS location, Fingerprint Reader, the one, the only, the James Bond style, Iris Scanner ( No Joke).

The Device is ruggedized and meets military specifications. The Catcher runs Windows XP with Pen Computing extensions.


        Via JKontherun


Here is the Link http://www.catcherinc.com/Products/Products.html

Thanks Benjamin for pointing that out I thought I put one in there .


Toshiba Dual screen thingy/UMPC/PDA

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Mylo gets its day

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James Kendrick Gets Q1 with Solid State Drive

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James Kendrick of JK on the Run recently bought a Samsung Q1 UMPC. The thing that makes this one diffrent it has a Solid State  32 Gigibyte flash drrive in it.  From what he said in his blog post

“I can tell you so far this baby is really fast!  It does not feel like a Celeron powered device at all and I attribute that to the SSD.  Everything I do happens without hesitation or the famous disk thrashing, even though it only has 512 MB of memory. “

Well said. Now James if only you could ” send that to me”  ” for free” ( yeah I know it rhymes)

Oh Well Good Luck with it James

~Blake Shannon

 P.S. James if you read this does “JK” stand for James Kendrick or James and Kevin

EO i17210 Inkshow on Gotta be Mobile

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Dennis Rice has finnally got his Eo UMPC i17210. The Video is about 13 minutes long.

Blake Shannon

Via JKontherun

Apple Tablet?

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Apple doesnt make this…Adesso  Cyber Tablet a 17 inch Display that Adesso claims doubles as a PC and Mac Tablet PC to be used with Photoshop… most likley used by graphic desingers. 

$1699 Adesso.com

Via Engadget.com

Blake Shannon

UMPC with Sliding keyboard Is this the First?

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UMPC with Slide out Keyboard. Havent we already seen this? Oh wait the SonyUX180P and UX280P are not “UMPC/Origami Device”.  So I guess this is the first (2nd) . So my thought on this I think the UMPC is a cool device but i dont like the Idea but its not going to work with out a phone bult in. With a phone or EVDO you could use skype or the phone phone that is the main reason I think people would buy it.  Well thats my 2 Cents

Blake Shannon


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Ink Blog Students and Tablets Founded

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Hey Word, Whats Up this is my first post on the new site.

This is an Ink Blog which means it is written by the pen instead of by the keyboard….  I am writing this on my tablet which is a slate ( Motion computing LE1600) so There will be some spelling mistakes some of the time.

Oh Well Ill get some content up soon

~Blake Shannon

Hello world!

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