Best Laptop Case Ever!

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I love this case I got it in about 1 1/2  weeks ago, and I love it.  Its made by Case Logic

The Backpack has a  mesh pocket on the front. After that comes the “Random pocket” as I call it. This pocket mainly has places were you would slip in a penci, wallet, cell phone, or MP3 Player. But here comes the cool think on the front of the caser their is an audio jack out, and on the inside there is a  audio cable that you would plug into an iPod or music player. The next pocket is long and narrow. Its about 6 inches wide and 9 inches deep. I do not know what this pocket was designed for but i keep my powercord in it. The next pocket is the 2nd largest. It looks like it was designed to hold books in it. After that pocket their is a long skinny pocket that I keep spare change or CDs in. The largest pocket is what I keep my tablet and 1 or 2 books in it. The laptop compartment is fairly padded.

$65.00  Motion Computing

This is the best laptop backpack I have ever used. And Im a messenger back guy.

~Blake Shannon


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Thinkpad explodes at lax

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LE1600 Pen Problems

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Just 15 minutes ago I was using my Motion Computing LE1600 very happily and the {insert noise here} the pen broke. The eraser part still works but can i write with the eraser part (no). So I would be really mad right now except I bought 3 extra making a total of four, I will just grab one and try to fix the other one tommorow. Im so glad I bought extra pens because I do the statistics for my schools football team using my tablet. And a slate tablet with out a pen is basicly a power consuming blank screen.

Oh well my rant is done you may wake up/ carry on with your life

Blake Shannon 

iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard

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How Do You ise your tablet

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How Do use yor tablet?

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I will post some on the blog

Be Creative

Blake Shannon

:*( 9/11 :*(

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This is Late but

God Bless the Familys and Victiams of A Faceless coward 5 years ago. :*(

Ink or Text

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What Do Yall Prefer Ink or Text

I will try to write better

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LE1600 Review soon

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